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Security Surveillance
Security Camera


CCTV is now invaluable to our everyday life wither that be for personal or business use. Having a quality system will help when it comes to identifying potential vandals or thieves committing crimes to your property. Our systems are of the highest standard and will provide true clarity during the day and even at night with our true colour cameras. Our systems can be viewed through a monitor/TV and any mobile device with alerts.

We are also aware the cost of these high end systems can at times put people off but why install a system that doesn’t provide you with the quality images that you really desire. That’s why we at Hawk Eye Systems believe everyone should be able to protect their property in a cost effective manner, we do this by offering our systems on a leased basis. This gives you the customer the ability to have your desired system without a huge dent in your pocket. Businesses also can take on a leased system which helps keeps funds in your business and the cost becomes tax deductible. Please get in touch to discuss your options for one our CCTV packages.

Door Access

Door access is vital to controlling who can access your office or premises giving you peace of mind that only the people you want can get access. These systems can also be created to allow users full access or even partial access to the areas that you permit. We can design and install to meet your exact operational requirements meaning you know your premises are protected. Our systems can be tailored from one door to hundreds of doors and give access up to thousands of users.

Our systems can be installed in all types of building including, offices, schools, social housing blocks and even car parks. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are an essential item for your home or business to ensure potential intruders are warned off and to notify others that your property or premises have an unwelcome visitor. Our systems are installed to the highest of standards and come in wireless or wired formats.

Our intruder systems can also be linked to our preferred (ARC) monitoring centre who provide the option of notify the keyholder than an intrusion has happened or they can notify the police on your behalf.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fire Alarms

A working fire alarm is a must for all businesses, could your business handle the financial implications that a fire could have on your operations? Not to mention also the threat to life a fire could cause. At Hawk Eye Systems we can visit your premises and carry out a design of a fully compliant fire alarm tailored to your buildings needs, our systems can be conventional or addressable and also be monitored to alert you of any fire events within your premises.

We also offer fire alarm maintenance and servicing contracts so that you can be assured that your system is always working as it should. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



Keeping your electrics safe within your domestic, commercial, industrial or retail premises is a must. We at Hawk Eye Systems are NICEIC approved contractors meaning you can rest assured that the standard of work we carry out meets current BS7671:2018 regulations.

We carryout EICR's, PAT Testing, electrical installations, servicing and maintenance for all property types.

Other services include LED lighting upgrades, emergency lighting servicing and installs, Distribution board upgrades and much much more.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Networks / Data Cabling

At the heart of every business we understand that in todays world your network setup and speed of connection are vital in allowing you to be a master of your own craft.

We specialise in the installation and testing of all network cabling from your standard Cat 5e, through Cat 6 / Cat 6 A and beyond. 

We can also install new wall mounted or freestanding network cabinets for all enviroments or even simply tidy up your existing setup.

 Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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